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This is an article I was asked to write for an HR magazine ….

Transformational Business Leadership

‘The Blame Game’ and the principle of ‘Irrational Responsibility’

To transform our businesses and take them to the next level, we need to first transform as leaders in our own beliefs, our focus, our actions and behaviours.  ‘Irrational Responsibility’ accelerates that Transformation Shift …

The secret of the power of ‘Irrational Responsibility’ lies in a quote …

“When you carry another’s stones they can not throw them at you” Anon

So let us look at what I call ‘The Blame Game’ which consists of 3 core characteristics Blame, Excuse and Denial!  I strongly believe that leadership starts at home!  So I would like to ask you a question “To what degree are you fulfilling your own potential?” Let us just look a 4 basic areas of life, give yourself a score out of 10 for each one: Vocation (Career) _ /10, Health & Fitness `_ /10, Family _ /10, Finances _ /10.

So if you did not score yourself a 10 … What excuses are you telling yourself? What are you in denial of? And to what extent do you blame others for your situation?

The Dis-empowering ‘Blame Game’ is played out constantly by people in businesses and other environments.

In summary ‘Irrational Responsibility’ is the exact opposite mindset and behaviour to ‘The Blame Game’. ‘Irrational Responsibility’ is also comprised of 3 characteristics; Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability!  ‘Irrational Responsibility’ is when you choose to take complete Responsibility and Ownership of a situation and you hold yourself accountable even when it may appear irrational to do so.

At first it might sound like the action of someone trying to be a martyr; but that is not what this is about. It is about empowering others and being a greater, more fulfilled and successful leader.  To inspire that people around us to take ownership and responsibility, we have to take the initiative in ‘how we show up’.

 Could you do this? ….

Have you ever experienced traveling along the road and being ‘cut up’ by someone in another vehicle and narrowly avoided an accident? Maybe your heart has jumped and you had to break suddenly to avoid hitting their vehicle. You may have felt fully justified to shout and gesture at the offending driver perhaps giving them a piece of your mind as they drove on.

 Next time, try this out …  In the heat of the moment, put your hand up towards the other driver, in the way you would when saying hello to someone and just smile. It’s completely ‘counter intuitive’ and I’m not saying it is easy to do but neither is being a great leader ‘easy to do’, it takes fortitude, courage and practice.  This practice can be used in everyday life and leadership. Speaking from personal experience, in these kinds of situations I now get much better response in these kinds of situations. ‘Rage’ is replaced by people apologising for their actions and continuing about their business, with all parties in a more productive frame of mind.


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