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By Michael A Singer

A life dedicated to meditation and quietening the voice inside his head saw a young ‘pot smoking hippy’ journey to becoming ‘the CEO of a billion-dollar NADAQ listed company’. But these labels of ‘hippy’, ‘multimillionaire’ and ‘CEO’ are simply secondary events in Michael Singer’s life journey. The journey itself is what this book is really about, a truly inspiring and profound journey of constantly seeking and constantly finding fulfilment, a journey of making a difference to others and a journey of mastering how to deal with that constant questioning voice inside your head.

You know that voice inside your head, the one that is constantly talking and won’t shut up? That inner voice that constantly reminds and nags you to do stuff.  It questions what you should or shouldn’t be doing and if you are worthy or good enough? It fantasizes about the way things should be, fearing the way they things might be. It reminds you of regrets, embarrassments, guilts and shames if the past.   If you know what I am talking about and you would like to understand how it is possible to live a full life where this voice no longer dominates your life, then this book will be right up your street….

How can a life dedicated to meditation, spiritual learning and the practice of ‘letting go and surrendering’ lead someone to become ‘the CEO of a successful billion-dollar NADAQ listed company’? The author who spent much of his youth trying to deal with this constant ‘self-talk voice in his head’, when he discovered mediation, it changed everything for him!

Many of the entrepreneurs I work with have extremely busy lives, but those who have taken to mediation tell me they would never go back to not practicing mediation as it is now their most important and meaningful daily ritual. The primary benefit is a more fulfilling life, the secondary benefits include a less stressed body and mind and a more rested, productive mind and a massive expansion of awareness and of their creative and innovative capabilities.  

More recently Michael Singer has written some of the most insightful spiritual books I have ever read, in addition to this book ‘The Surrender Experiment’ I would also highly recommend ‘The Untethered Soul’ and ‘Living from a place of Surrender’.

I cannot imagine life without meditation! Being able to quieten the mind and tap onto a field of wisdom that exists outside the mind is a profound part of my life.  My philosophy around meditation is very aligned with the author of this book. You can use mediation to become less fearful of life’s pains and less attached to life’s pleasures not only balancing your mind but enabling you to experience the transcendental states of ‘wholesome gratitude’ (gratitude for challenges and supports) ‘unconditional love’, enthusiasm and inspiration ultimately empowering you to live a fulfilling life.

For those of you who like to listen to audio books, Michael Singer narrates his own books which really adds to the learning experience.  Here are the Michael Singer books / audiobooks that I would recommend and the order in which I would recommend you read them:

  1. The Surrender Experiment – Michael Singer’s inspirational story of applying the practice of ‘surrender and letting go’ throughout his life.
  2. ‘The Untethered Soul’ – Michael Singer’s philosophy on living a fulfilling life not attached to outcomes, ‘things’ or whatever that inner voice is telling you.
  3. ‘Living from a place of Surrender’ – A ‘how to approach’ everyday life in a way that is internally fulfilling no matter what is going on outside of you!

Following the well-received video interview last month with International best-selling author Peter Sage author of ‘The Inside Track’ (click here to view), I am inspired to inform you that I have 6 more bestselling authors who have agreed to interviews on my new youtube channel ‘The Leading Edge of Thought’.

These videos interviews are with the authors of books that have previously featured as my book of the month in the ten years since I have been doing the blog, I intend to do around 6 over the next 6 months and will let you know when I publish them. 

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