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By Vinesh Lakhiani

Please note that you can now view my latest author interview video with Dr John Demartini on his International Bestseller ‘The Values Factor’ (which was my ‘book of the month’ back in September 2017 and out of the thousands of books I have read is still my second ever favourite book) …. https://youtu.be/cR0X_giIADg  

The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind

I love this book because pushing the boundaries of thought is a fundamental requirement of my mission to facilitate personal and business transformation.  The author of this book Vinesh Lakhiani is the founder of the rapidly growing ‘Mindvalley’ online personal development platform. From humble beginnings Vinesh has achieved extraordinary things by applying his own teachings.

I share a number of the same thought leading teachers and influencers as Vinesh so not surprisingly some of his central philosophies are aligned with my own. Vinesh has a talent for communicating some complex subjects using highly effective metaphors and unconventional language where he creates words and phrases to more effectively describe a concept. For example, in the first 2 Chapters (his first 2 codes out of 10) are 1. ‘Transcend the Culturescape’ where the culturescape means ‘other people’s values / ways of doing things’ 2. ‘Question the Brules’ where his created word ‘Brules’ means ‘Bullsh*t rules’.  Vinesh explains in these first 2 chapters how these 2 codes are necessary to be authentic and to make a difference in the world. 

His 10 Codes of The Extraordinary Mind are: 

  1. ‘Transcend the Culturescape’ 
  2. ‘Question the Brules’
  3. Practice Consciousness Engineering (To accelerate personal growth)
  4. Rewrite Your Models of Reality (Chose and Upgrade your beliefs)
  5. Upgrade Your Systems for living
  6. Bend Reality
  7. Live in Blissipline (Maintaining your daily bliss)
  8. Create a vision for your future
  9. Be Unfuckwithable (Learn to be fear proof)
  10. Embrace Your Quest

Just from reading the titles of some of his extraordinary mind 10 codes you can tell Vinesh has a very informal teaching style, which is authentic and adds to your learning experience. Even if you do not agree with some of his perspectives there is no doubting his authenticity. Vinesh is very strong on practical application, so he explains the theories behind each of his 10 codes, then he explains how to apply them, with a wealth of examples. The other really important aspect of Vinesh’s approach is does not have a ‘one size fits all approach’, he is very flexible and inclusive of learning styles and types.

You will find a number of powerful modalities feature in the book particularly elements of NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) and the powerful visualization method known as ‘The Silva Method’ which Vinesh teaches at Mindvalley. 

Applying some of the steps in this book will definitely create some discomfort for most people I know and that is a good thing, because ‘discomfort is an essential element of growth’.

This is another book where I would definitely recommend the audiobook, for 3 reasons;

  1. The author reads the book himself (I am a huge fan of authors reading their own books)
  2. Vinesh has a very soft and welcoming, ‘easy to listen to’ voice that I believe enhanced my learning experience
  3. The audiobook has a bonus chapter called ‘Tools for Your Journey’.

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