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By Dr. John F Demartini

I first read this book after doing my first Breakthrough Experience event in London in 2006, an event that transformed how I saw the world, it transformed my potential and it transformed the level at which I am able to help others transform and to break through the emotional charges and beliefs that are holding them back.

Dr. John Demartini has sold millions of books including several international bestsellers. I have previously reviewed his book ‘The Values Factor’ so of all the books I have reviewed each month since 2010 he is the only author I have reviewed more than once. This review was prompted following delivered a private Demartini Method workshop for my own clients last month, it was so well received by the attendees that it occurred to me that I had not reviewed this hugely significant book.

I should disclose up-front that the author of this book has been a friend and mentor of mine for many years, so whilst my intention is to be objective if my review of this book is a little biased, please don’t be surprised.

Over the last 30 years, well over 100,000 people around the world have attended Dr Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience, this book is a great introduction to the profoundly powerful Demartini Method that has helped to transform thousands of lives.   

For some people the philosophy presented in this book may feel a little unfamiliar and even uncomfortable. However if you are interested in a radically different thinking perspective of human behaviour to 99% of the stuff out there, then this book will not disappoint you.
However, this book is definitely NOT for you if you believe that it is possible to ‘always be positive and never be negative’ or to ‘always be kind and never be mean’ (or vice-versa). 
Sciences ranging from cosmology to physics and quantum science confirms that every aspect of the universe is a balance of ‘positive and negative’, ‘dark and light’, ‘cold and hot’ etc.  A magnet has 2 poles of opposite and equal strength ‘a north and a south pole’.
Despite this scientifically confirmed universal law of polar balance that applies to the vast know universe, much of traditional human Psychology has an underlying assumption that ‘people should be more positive than negative’, this traditional philosophy contradicts every other know aspect of our universe!  
It’s no wonder that the world is full of people that often beat themselves up for thinking negatively. 
Dr. Demartini once summed up the contradiction of modern Psychology when he said to me “Bring me a magnet with one pole and I will give you a million dollars!” 

This book ‘The Breakthrough Experience’ presents a radically different way to break through the stuff that is holding you back by dissolving emotional charges that are running your life.

This book is a great introduction to the transformational ‘Demartini Method’. Whilst I love reading, for me, life is also taking about actions inspired by reading. I would also strongly recommend that only attending a Breakthrough Experience event can you fully experience the profound nature of a total breakthrough, which is impossible for me to describe properly in writing. 

I have been regularly assisting Dr. Demartini since 2007 and I have worked as a facilitator at over 20 of his ‘Breakthrough Experience’ events around the world (in fact I am doing so again soon in London on 18thand 19th May).  Many of my clients have attended a Breakthrough Experience as well as my own transformation workshops, where some types of breakthrough can be achieved that are much more challenging to achieve by studying or by one-to-one teaching / coaching.  If you are one of my subscribers and you are interested in attending a Breakthrough Experience event, please drop me an email so I can help you with any questions about the event. I can also ensure that you get the best deal and include a complimentary follow-up coaching session if you do choose to attend. 

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