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by Dronvalo Melchizedek

Many people go their whole lives thinking that the flower of life symbol is little more than a pretty pattern that you might find on some New Age hippy pendants. This book sets out to explain both the history of the ancient symbol The Flower of Life and how it contains the patterns of universal geometry found in all aspects of the physical universe.

As my long-time subscribers will know many of the books, I review are grounded business building and leadership books, then there are the more spiritual books. This book transcends any previous such themes I have covered. Like my previously reviewed book ‘After’ this is another book where sciences and spirituality converge.

When I was 6 years old, I had an outer body experience that was the most profound experience of my entire life. During this experience I saw an infinite matrix of light with a distinctive pattern, which at the time I was not consciously familiar with. I later found out that this was an ancient mythical pattern with a name … ‘The Flower of Life.’

Not surprisingly, I was drawn to read this book when it was recommended to me some 10 years ago. The book is almost as ‘far out there’ as my outer- body experience. The subject matter of the book is totally profound but will not be all my subscribers’ ‘cup of tea’. 

Michael Angelo famously drew the geometric pattern of humans in an illustration call Vitruvian Man, shown here.

Michael Angelo who designed a helicopter years before man could fly, understood geometry of art, nature and mathematics. I have a feeling that Michale Angelo may have loved this book.

“Mathematics is derived from geometry, not the other way around.” Drunvalo Malchizedek

Not only does the author explain how mathematics came from geometry (shape and form) he explains how everything is geometrical!
– Atoms and molecules
– DNA and chromosomes
– Energy fields that are found around all planets, all organisms and living cells.
– All emotions have a geometric shape
– Thoughts have geometric shape

All geometric shapes found in the physical world are found within The Ancient Secret Flower of Life!

Mind-bending or not believable?
Malchizedek, credits a character known as Thoth with providing him with some of the mind-blowing information that is shared in the book, including the ancient history of geometry and mathematics. On the face of having a wise teacher like Thoth does not sound ‘too far out there’, but it is when you know who Thoth is. Thoth is a man who pre-dates ancient Egypt, the story is that he became so enlightened that his physical body transformed to light, transcending the time, space and matter duality of the physical universe.

As crazy as it sounds, over the years I have heard this story from 3 different sources, a millionaire businessman, a guy who lives mainly in the wilderness in a cave in Spain and a student of Drunvalo Malchizedek. Apparently, Thoth appears to people who are in an enlightened state and he briefly ‘rematerializes’ into physical form to communicate with such people. People have claimed to touch him and had conversations with him before he disappears as if Mr Scott from Star Trek had beamed him away.  

Regardless of whether you think the legend of Thoth is believable or not believable, the content of the book is fascinating and leaves you wondering where else anyone could have come across such unique information with so much depth.

A note on ‘Holacracy’ The new geometry of businesses
This said many of you will know that I spent time working with the tremendously successful and inspirational multi-billion-dollar business ‘Zappos’ in the USA who are a business with a fundamentally different structure to traditional businesses known as Holacracy, which is a more complex geometric structure that eradicates hierarchy from an organisations and uses circles of people for different business functions instead of hierarchical departments.

Such revolutionary more complex structures are radically different to the ‘boxed hierarchical structures of existing business’ and allow more proficient, innovative and sustainable businesses that solve far greater issues than current business structures. I reviewed the book Holacracy by Brian Robertson some years ago   

Many of the traditional structures in our current world, including those of business are no longer sustainable and radically different structures such as Holacracy are essential, to truly understand Holacracy we need to be able to understand ancient geometry found within The Flower of Life.

This book comprises the history of ancient symbolism and the application of geometry and the mathematic sequences found in all aspects of the physical world that indicates a ‘Non-physical’ (spiritual) aspect of the universe from which the physical universe is geometrically manifested.  As you learn more and begin to appreciate the geometry a little deeper it becomes evident that it should also exist in any / all extra-terrestrial civilisations. 

Malchizedek found the demand to learn his teachings were such that he now has over 200 trained facilitators around the world teaching his work.

This book may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you are fascinated by geometry and open to some really ‘out there’ concepts that explain some of the most fundamental structures of physical existence, then you will love this book.

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