Alistair has a very relaxed style of presentation and engages people by using real stories to inspire and provide insight.  All his presentations are adapted to the specific nature, needs and highest values of each audience.  Alistair prefers, when it is practical and appropriate to do so, to have interactive exercises with the audience as this promotes greater engagement and increased learning.
Alistair was personally trained by renowned ‘public speaking coach’ Joe Williams (who has worked extensively with Tony Robbins amongst others).

Below are descriptions of the some of the most popular talks Alistair has delivered internationally over the last 10 years to business leadership groups of between 10 and 120 individuals:

1. Business Purpose and Business Vision
What are the key ingredients of an Inspiring Business Vision?
Alistair brings much greater clarity around the subjects of Purpose and Vision.  He shares his own experience and how he has helped other business leaders as illustrated in his downloadable report “Create Your Inspiring Business Vision”

2. Visionary Leadership
The Science and Art of Visualisation for Visionary Leaders
In this talk Alistair seeks to expand the audience understanding of the concepts and applications of ‘business vision’, ‘visionary leadership’ and ‘visualisation’ through explanations, stories and audience exercises that include:

  • How and why visualization can achieve extraordinary results in your business.
  • How to visualize effectively and authentically in a way that increases your ‘Eureka moments’!
  • How to most effectively visualize the journeys of your business stakeholders.
  • How to translate your inspired visions into productive, measurable actions.
  • How the practice of visualization can accelerate the creation of the habits and behaviors that will shape your future.

3. The 3 Most Important Attributes For Leaders of The Future
 ‘Adaptability’, ‘Creativity’ and ‘Contribution’
For the last 3 years the annual business leadership report commissioned by IBM leadership has globally polled thousands of CEOs of successful businesses in all sectors and identified that the 2 most important attributes for the next generation of leaders are ‘Creativity’ and ‘Adaptability’.  Interstingly, paying people more money does not make them more creative or more adaptable, in fact there is evidence to the contrary.  Indeed, some of the most creative, innovative concepts in business have surfaced where there is a strong desire to contribute and ‘make a difference’. In this talk Alistair covers the key issues that will enable the current and next generation of leaders to be more adaptable and creative, and ultimately more successful and fulfilled.

4. Inspiration – The Journey beyond Motivation!
How was it possible to deliver a £3m project with only £16,000?
Alistair uses a personal real life business leadership story to help the audience understand the difference between motivation and inspiration and how to create an inspiring business environment.  Alistair explains how a team he led were able to deliver a project to successful completion with less than 1 per cent of the required funds.  Alistair shares the keys aspects of vision and values that can generate levels of inspiration that override anything from a lack of motivation to even an apparent lack of funding.

5. Personal Productivity
Why a Busy Leader Is Not Necessarily A Productive Leader?
Alistair shares some of the huge myths about personal productivity such as ‘it is about better time management’.  He also shares what he has learned during 50 case studies (ranging from 6 months to 10 years in length) of one-to-one coaching with business leaders who have sustainably increased their own and their team’s personal productivity and fulfillment levels

6. Highly Effective Mentoring in Business
Successful business leaders like Richard Branson have work regularly with many mentors throughout their careers yet many individuals in business who say they want to be successful do not!
Mentoring is one of the most resource effective ways to accelerate individual performance and results within an organisation; with the right approach it can also be a highly fulfilling process for both mentor and mentee.

7. Understanding People’s Real Values
The value of a business is determined by it’s values!
Alistair has been personally mentored and trained by Dr John Demartini, who is considered by many to be the world’s leading authority in the study of values (Axiology). In this talk Alistair gives great clarity about what values really are and how they drive people’s attitudes and behaviours and ultimately determine the value of a business.

8. Great Leaders Grow
To grow our business we must first grow ourselves
How the personal growth of a business leader is the greatest catalyst for the growth of their team and their business.

9. Kung Fu Mind-set for Business Leaders
Without the right mindset you will fall short of your potential

Alistair has been the ‘mind-set coach’ for John Robson the 5 times British Kung Fu champion, Kung Fu World Silver medalist and World Mixed Martial Arts Champion.  In this talk Alistair discusses how the core principles of developing the mind-set of a champion martial artist are very similar to those of developing the mind-set of a champion business leader.

10. The ‘Thinking Systems’ in Your Business
How to understand people’s levels of conscious awareness to be a more effective leader
The easy to understand practical applications of the science of ‘Spiral Dynamics’ were illustrated when used at the request of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela in the South African reconciliation process, who were advised by human behavioural scientist Chris Cowan who personally trained Alistair.  ‘Spiral Dynamics’ is the science that identifies 8 distinctive thinking systems or ‘levels of human consciousness’ which are the framework that underpin all human behaviour.  .  Business leaders who have an understanding of Spiral Dynamics will have a significant advantage in all aspects of communication and communication strategies from managing people to customer marketing.

11. Leadership  Conflict Resolution
How to effectively resolve and prevent conflicts
Relationship conflicts undermine the well being of a business and the individuals within that business team.  Alistair gets the audience involved in some simple but profound values and communications exercises that both resolves and prevents relationship conflicts.

12. Leadership  Effective Negotiation Mindset
How to consistently negotiate fair prosperous deals
Many people have learned a variety of negotiation techniques, some of these techniques are excellent and others not so much. Even with the better negotiation techniques most people still fail to consistently negotiate fair deals that are equally pleasing and prosperous to all parties.  In this talk Alistair shares how anyone can develop a mindset that gets the results that negotiating techniques alone cannot.