Purpose & Vision

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy clearly understood that without a clear and inspiring purpose and vision that people could not maximise their potential.  There are some empowering questions about vision that a business leader can ask themselves, firstly “Do we have an inspiring purpose and vision for our organisation?’.   When a business leader is clearly able to express this inspiring purpose and vision, they should then ask themselves, ‘If, right now, I were to ask any individual in our organisation to express our vision (and purpose) what degree of clarity and inspiration would they have?’

“A team that has meaningful goals, a clear strategy with inspired and productive team members, is invariably a team with a clear and inspiring purpose and vision” Alistair Lobo

This diagram illustrates the ‘Purpose, Vision Framework’ that Alistair first published in 2006. It illustrates many of the facets including how Business Vision, Mission and Goals, flow naturally from it’s core Purpose.  Purpose is the ultimate constant direction!  It is that cloudy intangible and totally inspiring unique direction that a business can either choose to either harness or ignore.

A clear and inspiring purpose and direction is the foundation of an organisation’s clear inspiring vision.  Such a vision gives a business clearer more fulfilling and profitable strategies and goals whereby it’s people are inspired so much that they need little or no motivation to deliver.

Helen Keller was once asked: “Can you think of anything worse than being blind?” She answered: “Yes. To be able to see & have no vision.”

Alistair has worked with the leadership teams of a wide range of organisations ranging in turnover from £1M to £350M in size, helping them to clarify their own unique inspiring purpose and establish and communicate an aligned vision that inspires it’s people to be more productive and profitable, more fulfilled and less stressed. During his 25 year career working with numerous businesses, Alistair found a lot of organisations to have mission statements that were completely uninspiring and meaningless to most of the people within the organisation.

“When an inspiring purpose is established and communicated with all the people throughout an organisation in terms of their highest values, it transforms the organisation’s culture and it’s people are inspired get out of bed and go to work”

Alistair Lobo – Business Transformation Consultant


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