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The convergence of Science & Spirituality
Leading the expansion of consciousness and how we think!

This book has contributions from 50 different ‘consciousness thought leaders’ including; 
Deepak Chopra (Foreword)
Michael Singer (Afterword)
Fritjof Capra (Physicist)
Henry Stapp (Quantum Physicist)
Zaya and Mauritzio Banazzo (Editors and co-authors)

As there are contributions from 50 authors in this book, it affords you the perfect opportunity to sample a snapshot of insights from a wide variety of consciousness thought leaders. Naturally some of the authors will resonate more with you than others, like sampling your way through a box of chocolates, I found that this variety of contributors who work at the leading edge go ‘how we think’ really added to the reading experience.

Warning this book is not for everyone, those who like it will absolutely love it. For those I know that have read it, it has provoked a somewhat uncomfortable, more inspiring and more complex level of thinking!

I have recently been inundated with people asking me questions about the emerging new level of human consciousness, know in Spiral Dynamics as ‘Level 8 Thinking’.   

I was recently asked to do a presentation on ‘BobEarth.com’ for their thousands of innovative business leader members. As a subscriber you can view a version of this video on the following YouTube link …..

Once you have watched the video you will understand more that there is a new level of thinking emerging which is fundamentally completely different and vastly more complex than any previous human thinking systems. One of the characteristics of Spiral Dynamics is the complete convergence of science and spirituality, which is why I have selected this book of the month. 

The most fundamental concept of this convergence of science and spirituality only found in Level 8 Thinking is ‘Non-duality’ a level of perception that transcends all dual labels of other thinking systems such as ‘positive and negative’, lightness and darkness’ 

Because level 8 thinking is so newly emerging, there are very few books that are written with ANY ‘level 8 thinking’ at all!  

In this book ‘On The Mystery of Being’ the concept itself ‘The convergence of science and spirituality’ is a ‘Level 8 Concept’ and I would assess that almost half of language and content within the book is of ‘Level 8 Thinking and beyond’    

The Book is split into 8 sections with a variety of ancient to contemporary writers with spiritual and / or scientific backgrounds:

Part 1: Voices of Contemporary Spirituality
Part 2: The Rebirth of Metaphysics
Part 3: Science Embraces Consciousness
Part 4: The Wonder of Nature
Part 5: The Body as Teacher
Part 6: The Heart of Intimacy
Part 7: Exploring The Shadows
Part 8: Doorways to Heaven

The audio book is narrated by Sara K Sheckells and great to listen to in bite sized chunks whilst walking or travelling somewhere. 

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