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Purpose & Vision

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I am very excited to be starting this blog and for me being clear on the purpose of this blog is the place to start.

In alignment with my own vision and mission the purpose of this blog is primarily “To awaken the spirit within business” (please look out for a future posting on ‘team spirit in a business’).

In the context of ‘awakening the spirit within business’ the purpose of this blog is:

  • To update subscribers of this blog with my activities and some of the leading edge wisdom I am learning form working in this field
  • To engage, collaborate and communicate with business leaders who appreciate the importance of the ‘invisible forces’ such as ‘purpose’, ‘vision’ and ‘innovation’ that shape and drive us and our organisations.
  • To discuss and uncover the new and very real paradigm in our businesses where we can increase productivity and profitability by creating an environment where people are more inspired, innovative and fulfilled, whilst being less stressed!

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