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“The 5 Second Rule” By Mel Robbins Just before writing this blog, I was sitting down on my living room sofa with a temperature, debating in my head whether to snuggle under a blanket and watch some mindless TV with my kids, but instead I said to myself “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” I got  [ Read More ]

Books about business are not supposed to be both educational and so rivetingly entertaining that you laugh till you cry! In this respect this book was a unique experience for me. It is one fo the most worthwhile entertaining and educational books I have read to date! It’s a biographical story by a man who  [ Read More ]

My family’s personal story of the ‘supposedly impossible’ 85% reversal of my son’s autism condition is at the heart of why this book is such an important read for me, which you may be able to gauge from the unusual length of my review. This book is about the evolution of a new approach to  [ Read More ]

‘Rework’ by Jason Fired and David Hansson I did something with this book I have not done before with any previous book!  I loved reading it so much the that when I finished, I immediately began reading it again. Of all the many books I have read on leading and building a business ‘Rework’ is  [ Read More ]

90 percent of my clients are established entrepreneurs who are looking to take themselves and their businesses to the next level, for such people this book is a MUST read. Whilst I might  humorously describe Elon Musk as ‘Richard Branson on steroids’, there is a wealth of wisdom about ‘being an entrepreneur’ contained within this book.  [ Read More ]

Many of you reading my blog will know that Dr John Demartini is not only a friend but one of my most influential mentors. John has written several International best selling books, but for me this is not only his best book, it is the most important book I have ever read! In reading ‘The Values Factor’  [ Read More ]

My August Book Recommendation ‘Unshakeable’ by Tony Robbins  Having spent a lot of time with Tony Robbins organisation in the USA back in the noughties (2001 – ) I am pleased to be able to whole heartedly recommended this book, which was recommended to me by several financially wise friends. Only yesterday I said to  [ Read More ]

History is filled with great leaders who’s greatness seems to come from serving others. Interestingly, many of these great leaders are also great storytellers.  Whether their story is ‘fact or fable’ does not interfere with ‘the power of a great metaphor’. One of my favorite books is a story called “The Magician’s Way” by William  [ Read More ]

The most successful business leaders I have worked with are also the most personally fulfilled!  Why is this?   “Fulfillment does not usually follow success, however success follows fulfillment!”   In my experience both inside and outside of the business world I have consistently found that “People think they want success, but ultimately they do  [ Read More ]

This is an article I was asked to write for an HR magazine …. Transformational Business Leadership ‘The Blame Game’ and the principle of ‘Irrational Responsibility’ To transform our businesses and take them to the next level, we need to first transform as leaders in our own beliefs, our focus, our actions and behaviours.  ‘Irrational  [ Read More ]


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