Business Vision

“Our extensive research of 100 years of data indicates that  Visionary Businesses consistently outperform the stock market average growth rate by 16 fold!”
Jerry Porras author of ‘Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

Does your business have a vivid inspiring purposeful vision and clarity of its authentic core values? Do the people in your business team live and breathe these visions and values in a way that permeates all aspects of your business?

Alistair coaches business leaders one-to-one to help them 1. Create, 2. Effectively Communicate and 3. Integrate / Live their business and life style visions.

Alistair has conducted business vision consultations, key note speeches, presentations and  ‘Business Leadership Visualisation Workshops’ internationally for over 10 years working with small, medium and large businesses.

1,500 CEO’s across different industries were polled in the IBM commissioned annual global business leadership report, it established that … “60% of CEOs cited creativity as the most important leadership quality, compared with 51% for integrity and 36% for global thinking. Creative leaders are also more prepared to break with the status quo of industry, enterprise and revenue models, and they are 81% more likely to rate innovation as a “crucial capability.”

“All products, services and innovations created in all businesses were once just imagined thoughts; how a business leader visualises what their business stands for and how they visualise the value their business adds to their stakeholders is the foundation for the creativity and innovation their business delivers.”

Here are some questions that Alistair helps his clients answer:

  • How do we more effectively visualize and create visions for our business that are more vivid and purposeful and in doing so develop clearer more inspiring business goals, priorities and strategies?
  • How do we create and communicate business visions that increase the levels of inspiration, enthusiasm and engagement throughout our business?
  • How do we develop our potential as visionary leaders?
  • How do we ensure our business vision is aligned with our values?
  • How do more effectively nurture and harness the vast power of visualisation to increase the productivity, creativity and innovation levels that are essential for our business to flourish?
  • How do we communicate a memorable business vision that engages and inspires the stakeholders of our business?
  • How do we use the underlying story in our business vision to measurably improve the results of our marketing and sales campaigns?

Many business visions are ‘strategic visions’ or ‘visions of big goals’, which while they are important, often lack the purpose and meaning to inspire and enthuse stakeholders and most importantly they do not give the business it’s ultimate clarity of direction.

For more insights about business vision, please download Alistair’s Report Create Your Inspiring Business Vision.


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