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You know when people ask you ‘What do you do?’, my response could be considered a little weird, (outside of relaxing and spending time with my wonderful wife Diane and my 2 boisterous boys Joseph and Adam) ….

‘I help entrepreneurs create, communicate and actualise visions that are vivid, inspiring and purposeful’.  Some people refer to this as ‘Thought Leadership’. In terms of my client’s results that can be measured during the 11 years I have been doing this; 86%  of all them have achieved double-digit growth every year that I have worked with them!

“Ultimately business impact and business growth are bi-products of our growth and inspiration levels as people and as leaders!”

My immersion in the fields of purpose, vision, leadership communication, and their practical application for over 20 years now has led me to a deeper understanding of innovative results-driven solutions for business leaders to not only get greater clarity of purpose and vision, but also to overcome the personal productivity, communication and sales and marketing challenges that face all business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The key ‘Thought Leadership’ modules I teach my clients include:
1- Understanding Values by applying the principles of Axiology. This includes eliciting people’s true, most authentic values at both an individual and collective level (business culture).
2- Vision Conception! The conception of vivid, inspiring and purposeful business & lifestyle visions!  
3- Leadership Communication, Sales & Marketing! The effective communication of VIP visions. i.e
4 – Mindset. To actualise a vision requires the right mindset. I teach business leaders the principles I learned d  mindset coach to business leadership during the 7 years I was the mindset coach for 5 times British Kung-Fu champion and World silver medalist. 
6 – Creativity & Innovation. There are often many quick and simple ways that business leaders can increase the levels of creativity and innovation in their business, applying the greatest scientific understandings around creativity as well as the ancient creative process that the ancient Egyptians used to build the pyramids.
7 – Personal Productivity and Fulfilment.

These are all solutions to the challenges that I have dealt with first hand in my own business leadership career whilst managing global IT Media projects  (BBC Technology & Siemens) with over 100 team members and prior to that owning, managing and growing small commercial businesses with 4 to  22 team members.

During the last 11 years as well as coaching, mentoring and consulting with business leaders across the USA and the UK, I have studied and worked extensively as a facilitator, trainer, and coach assisting global leaders in the field of leadership and personal empowerment such as Anthony Robbins and Dr John Demartini,
Dr. John Demartini one of my long-time mentors is the world-leading authority on ‘Axiology’ which is the study of values which I have studied and applied in business environments for over 10 years.


My clients include CEOs, MDs & Presidents of FTSE & NYSE 500 companies; as well as the founders of several rapidly growing SME’s.

USA Clients – My US clients range from a new innovative health practitioner business ‘META-Medicine USA’  to ‘PMA USA’ National Sales and Marketing Division of ‘CNO Insurance’.  I have worked regularly with the senior management team of PMA USA over the last 11 years during which time their business has grown organically from US$14M to over US$60M.

UK Clients – I work extensively with entrepreneurs of SMEs including Professional Service providers such as Accountants, Financial Services and IT companies. My best known UK based clients include the board of directors of ‘Explore‘ which is the second largest specialist adventure holiday company in the world and the board of directors of ‘In Health’ which is the second largest Independent healthcare company in the UK.