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For over 10 years we have worked internationally with the forward thinking leaders of SMEs and corporate organizations, helping them to create and integrate their Vivid, Inspiring & Purposeful Business Vision (VIP Business Vision).  A Vivid Business Vision gives vital strategic clarity which brings with it clearer key goals, choices and decisions.  An Inspiring & Purposeful Business Vision is one that is enthusiastically ‘understood, lived and breathed’ by the individual stakeholders throughout a business.

Creating a ‘Vivid, Inspiring & Purposeful Business Vision’

The vision of a business is the single most influential factor in shaping it’s destiny.  There are many misconceptions as to what really constitutes a business vision with many business visions amounting to little more than ‘a big financial goal’ or ‘a description of a business strategy’ either way they are often not Vivid, Inspiring & Purposeful!   The first part of our work with a client is to help them take their current vision to a new level of vividness, inspiration and purpose, what we call their ‘VIP Business Vision’.

Integrating a ‘VIP Business Vision’

No matter how good a Business Vision sounds it can only become truly great when it is embodied by the stakeholders throughout the business.  If you were to approach a manager, team member, customer or other stakeholder of a business and ask those individuals ‘What is the vision of your business?’;  how many of these individuals could give you a compelling answer?

Our Mission

“Our mission is to work with business leaders around the world to give them greater clarity and to help them further realize and harness their greatest business asset which is the ‘human spirit’ of every person connected with their business.”

We help business leaders to ignite the ‘spirit of their business’, which like ‘team spirit’ is created by effectively communicating a vivid, inspiring and purposeful vision that allows the development of a culture of inspired and enthusiastic stakeholders.

Our Vision of the business world (an extract)

….in the 21st century there is  a rapidly transforming business world where growing numbers of business leaders realize that the greatest asset of their business is the inner spirit and enthusiasm of it’s stakeholders and that an authentic vivid, inspiring and purposeful business vision is the fundamental starting point to expand and sustain this spirit and enthusiasm.

These businesses that have a vivid, inspiring and purposeful vision have the clearest outcomes and strategies, they spend the least amount of resources having to motivate and manage people, yet they have the greatest innovations.  The businesses with the most purposeful visions that are embodied by the people throughout their business have the most productive and personally fulfilled team members, they make the most sustainable and significant profits and they also contribute more to the world beyond their business environment! ……..

 “If the people working throughout a business are not really enthusiastic about what they are doing, I will not even consider investing in that business …”  Peter Drucker (The father of modern business management and legendary Wall Street Investor)


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