Mentoring is one of the most resource effective ways to accelerate individual performance and results whilst sharing the precious wisdom and knowledge that is the life-blood of the business. The challenge for most businesses is developing mentoring programs with good retention rates that are able to initiate and sustain highly effective mentoring relationships.

Alistair provides 2 key mentoring service solutions to teams above 20 in size:

1- Structuring Effective Mentoring InitiativesMany mentoring initiatives fizzle out because they lack the necessary organisational structures. Alistair provides consultation to his clients to improve existing mentoring schemes or set up new mentoring schemes. He helps his clients create mentoring initiatives that have high participant uptake and retention rates by creating the structures and processes that promote effective, rewarding and sustainable mentoring relationships.

2- Mentorship TrainingSome of the greatest business leaders and mangers with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge have little idea how to be an effective mentor.  Alistair provides a bespoke training programs for all mentors and potential mentors as well as ‘people managers’.  The training provides both mentoring skills and a clear simple process that maps out the mentoring relationship journey as well as ‘how to conduct a highly effective mentoring session’.    These training programs are made bespoke on the specific requirements of the client’s business. The program is based on Alistair’s proven mentoring process known as ‘Highly Effective Mentoring in Business’.  The training can be delivered by Alistair or by an approved mentorship trainer (this can be a trained in-house trainer). 

Please note: Mentorship training is as much for ‘people managers’ as it is for mentors, it teaches people how to effectively build a trusting and rewarding relationship, that helps to maximise the potential of both mentor and mentee or manager and team member.