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This book is the ultimate paradox as there will be some people who read this book and only give it a 1-star rating not the 5-stars I am giving it. The reason is that some people simply will not see the profound opportunity that the book itself presents because they don’t regularly practice the principles within the book … that is ‘The opportunity to understand at a much deeper level the concepts of 1) identifying and 2) converting opportunities in whatever environments you live in!’ 

Over the years I have learned much from Eben Pagan, he is not an academic intellectual author, but a serial entrepreneur and teacher who started in a trailer park and has now created businesses worth many hundreds of millions of dollars, the wisdom he shares in this book comes from ‘walking his talk’.

The book starts with a simple metaphor …. “A lumberjack, a botanist and a monk walk into a forest. What do they each see? The botanist sees plants to study, the lumberjack sees tress to chop and the monk sees the miracle of existence.” 

If the lumberjack were to be given a copy of the botanist’s book on plant studies in this forest, no matter how great the content he would probably give it a one-star review as plant studies may be low in his values. 

Likewise, I would only recommend this book to people who have a high-value on spotting and converting opportunities into new realities!

Eben Pagan is a visionary who identifies and understands patterns from past to resent and into the future. For example he talks about how the rapidness of entrepreneurs starting businesses valued at nil to a million and then a billion dollars is shrinking in time, he boldly states he believes it is highly probable that within 10 years an entrepreneur will take a business from zero to a billion dollars in value in only a month!

He talks about the importance of effectively prioritising, mentioning the ‘Pareto Principle’ among other principles a key feature of the work I do my entrepreneurial clients.

Once the opportunity has been spotted and qualified, Eben Pagan stresses the importance of ‘Creativity’ and ‘Collaboration’ in converting an opportunity and of course he has numerous practical experiences of doing this with numerous businesses.

This book is a must read if like me you believe that the leaders and businesses that are most able to spot and convert opportunities are the leaders and businesses that will grow the most and have the biggest impact on our future. 

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