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As I usually read between 2 and 4 books a month, I have decided to recommend a book every month to my clients to put on their ‘books that may be worth reading or listening to list’.  You may find this month’s recommendation is ‘mind-blowing’, it is ‘YouAre The Placebo‘ by Dr Joe Dispenza.
Although his primary focus is on healing, his approach is similar to my approach around ‘shifting beliefs’, he also recommends ‘the practice of meditation’ to help accelerate this process.  In my work with Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs  ‘transforming your thoughts and your beliefs’ is absolutely fundamental to transforming yourself and your business.

Along the same lines as Dispenza’s book you may also enjoy the below YouTube video where the ‘mind blowing’ wave (Double Slit) experiment is explained by one of the worlds leading quantum scientists Jim Al Khalili.  Professor Khalili explains the quantum scientific evidence that demonstrates how the non-tangible aspects of our world such as ‘our thoughts’ and ‘the act of observation’ directly impact the physical world.
You need to watch the full 10 mins of the video ….

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