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Book of The Month July 2018 ‘The Power Of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg If you have not already read this book, you may want to consider doing so soon if you are interested in creating a lasting and progressive change (transformation) in any area of your life.

I have previously recommended a book called ‘The 5 Second Rule’ by Mel Robbins, like that book, this is a book that really can give you an edge in understanding ‘how to change any existing habit for a new more inspiring habit until it becomes an automatic behavior’.

The headings of the book’s first 3 chapters aptly describe the key points of understanding:
Chapter 1 is called ‘The Habit Loop’, Chapter 2 is called ‘The Craving Brain’ and Chapter 3 is called ‘The Golden Rule of Habit Change’.

Much of the content is aligned with what I was taught by Tony Robbins (no relation to Mel) whilst working for him some 15 years ago. Tony teaches a concept he calls ‘Neuro-Associative Conditioning’ or ‘NAC’.  In essence, NAC is about the creation of new neural pathways and conditioning them to become stronger than previously establish neural pathways of the habitual actions that you wish to change. I found Charles Duhigg’s research and understanding to be very much aligned with this ‘Neuro-Associative Conditioning’  concept.

As a personal and business transformation specialist, I have no doubt that step 1 of transformation is to transform ‘how you think’ and in terms of leading transformation step 1 is to create the space for others to transform how they think. This is the essence of ‘Thought Leadership’. However, without step 2 there is no sustainable transformation! Step 2 is about creating new action-based habits that are aligned with your newly transformed thinking. New habits are essential to the sustainable transformation of your mindset in any aspect of life.

Whether you wish to transform some part of your lifestyle such as ‘how you exercise or eat’, or ‘leading a team to raise their potential to a new level’, having a deeper understanding of how new habits are formed, as set out in this book, will serve you well.

Like the best authors of personal and business development books, Charles Duhigg supports the key points in this book by presenting both relevant factual data AND by telling engaging real-life stories that enable the reader to gain greater insight and understanding.



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