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Firstly, can I say thank you to all of you on my book of the month mailing list who have responded to my recent recommendations with your own book recommendations, please keep them coming in, saying why you recommend each book!

Whilst I read 2, 3 or more books every month mostly about business leadership & personal development many of these books have actually been recommended to me, as I am trying to read ‘the best of the best’.

I have even had several successful authors write to me recently saying that the books I have been recommending are of the highest standard, so thank you to them for this acknowledgement.

I believe that reading books (or listening to audio / video books) is the most powerful way to transform how you perceive the world and empowers you through greater knowledge to take more effective actions.

I have a huge pile of books that I have read and a growing pile that I plan to read, however, only 12 books a year will make my monthly book review, so any book that I recommend here has to be truly exceptional!

 Book review ‘24 Assets’ by Daniel Priestley

Let’s crack on with this month’s book of the month ‘24 Assets’ by Daniel Priestley.

In my opinion this is the best of Daniel’s 4 bestselling books, the other 3 being Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution and Oversubscribed, all outstanding books, that have narrowly missed out on making it on to my yearly 12 most highly recommended books.

Out of the many hundreds of business books I have read this book is in my top 10 – every day of the week! As a business & leadership coach of 11 years standing I will be strongly recommending it to my all of my entrepreneurial clients.

Knowing Daniel personally could be deemed to make me bias in this review, however, on the plus side, this means I know with certainty that there is no BS in this book, it all happened, it’s all real and it works!

I first met Daniel what seems like an age ago in the noughties not long after (a bit like Dick Whittington) Daniel arrived in London to seek his fortune. Just as he had been doing since his childhood in Australia, he started a business with his good friends Glen Carson and Marcus Ubl, this time it was a seminar business. Soon with their energy, enthusiasm and their willingness to learn from others and from their own mistakes they had built if not the most successful seminar company in London then probably the best known. They created a platform that attracted world-class speakers on business and personal development from around the globe.

In this book Daniel opens our eyes about the different assets a business has, some of these assets are often overlooked by business leaders as assets, for example assets that fall into categories such as Digital Assets, Culture Assets and Branding Assets to name a few.

Daniel raises a fundamental point in his book, that is missed by so many other business books when he says “You first have to be clear about whether your business is a ‘performance business’ or a ‘lifestyle business’.”  

When I work with entrepreneurs on clarifying their vivid, inspiring and purposeful business vision – it is essential for my clients to have this clarity!  And by the way one of my mentors owns a lifestyle business based in the USA that turns over US$200M + with no office premises and around 50 full and part-time team members who work autonomously from their homes. The point I am making is that if you are creating a lifestyle business, it does not mean that you are not ambitious or that you cannot scale your business up to match your vision. With this key distinction, as Daniel references throughout his book, you will however, structure your business differently and more effectively once you have made this vital distinction.

Irrespective of whether you are just starting a business from home or if you are the CEO of a multi-million dollar business, this book is a valuable read.  After reading it you will be able to list out the current assets of your business and identify assets that need to be developed, this is one of the most valuable exercises an entrepreneur or business leaders can do.

If you do not have awareness of all the assets your business already has and other assets it needs to develop, then in my experience you will not be able to effectively grow your business, so if you are serious about your business having a greater impact in the world please get the book and read it!

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