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by Eckhart Tolle

Written in 2005, Eckhart Tolle predicted that the structures on which our world is currently built would crumble to make way for ‘A New Earth’. This New Earth is only possible if there is an evolution to a much greater level of collective consciousness. A level of conscious awareness that transcends the egoic thinking that has dominated all previous human civilizations which Tolle says is the source of all fear, anger, anxiety and suffering.
The overriding theme of the book is that our purpose as individuals and the collective purpose of humanity is to focus primarily on BEING, rather than to DOING , HAVING and WANTING!

Do you feel that all the recent ‘pandemic related’ events in the world indicate that we are at the beginning of ‘a new world order’? Some people believe that ‘things will ‘go back to normal’ or ‘how they were before’, I am not one of those people!  Tolle suggests that, unless and until we let go of and transcend the egoic forces that have dominated humanity for so long we may not survive as a species. In this book Tolle, presents the doorway to a level of consciousness that does not make others wrong for what they are, their values or what they chose to believe.

A New Earth is one where we let go of our unconscious attachment  to what Tolle calls our ‘individual pain body’ or ‘our identity’ (which are constructs of our ego) and this in turn allows us to let go of our ‘collective pain bodies’ thus raising the frequency and vibration of human consciousness! 

I spend a lot of my time helping entrepreneurs to build businesses that are helping to transform the world, however there is little point, if first and foremost, I do not have a fulfilling life whilst I am doing this. 

At the heart of all Tolle’s philosophies is the regular switching off of the ‘Thinking, doing, having and wanting mind’. You know, that mind which is a voice inside your head that rarely shuts up.  This can be achieved through mediation and mindfulness. In the words of Tolle “When we transcend the confines of our ego and the suffering that comes with the ego, we are able to live in a state of inner joy, a state which has no opposite.”

One of the most profound teachings of Tolle that has helped to transform my life is ….   “There are no problems, only situations.” 

The more consistently I am able to embody this philosophy the less I experience fear, anger and anxiety and the more enlightened, creative and fulfilled I feel, even in the most challenging of situations.

Although this book was written some 15 years prior to the current ‘covid pandemic’, Tolle was obviously aware of the inevitable arrival of this tipping point on which the world now appears to be.  Tolle’s interpretation of what the tipping point is and how to negotiate it is very different to the current mainstream some of who chant ‘Build back better!’, a mantra that clearly emanates from the ideology of the World Economic Forum. 

Tolle’s book spells out that it is not a new ideology that we need for a new earth, but an expansion of human consciousness in which there is less egoic thinking, having and wanting, not more! 

Tolle explains that all previous New World Orders are the human ego chasing after utopian ideologies that are delusional, these ideologies typically bring widespread war, slavery and physical death in pursuit of a utopia that is an egoic construct, there are numerous examples Tolle cites from every major religion to the Roman Empire and to the likes of ideologies led by Stalin and Hitler.

Unlike many of the business and spiritual growth books I have previously reviewed and recommended, I have lost count of how many times I have re-read and re-listened to the audio of Eckhart Tolle’s 2 momentous books ‘The Power of Now’ (the only book I have reviewed twice in the last 11 years) and this subsequent Tolle book ‘A New Earth’.  There is so much depth and wisdom contained within each of these books that for me (and many others I have recommended these books to) one reading is nowhere near adequate.  I have found Tolle to be one of the great modern spiritual teachers whose teachings I use on a daily basis in my life and very much within my vocation whilst helping entrepreneurs to build inspiring, purpose driven lives and businesses.

As a book, A New Earth is probably the polar opposite of another more recently written book with a ‘new world theme’, that I reviewed earlier this year called ‘The Great Reset’ by the founder of ‘The World Economic Forum’ Klaus Schwab.  Schwab is an engineer who presents a new model of the world that many of the world’s billionaires and other highly influential people obviously buy into as they regularly attend the World Economic Forum’s Davos summits.  Schwab and his followers believe like the many other ideologies that have been before them that there is a utopian world waiting for humanity, if only we do what exactly what they tell us to do.  

There has been a raft of ideologies throughout history ranging from communism to capitalism and numerous religious ideologies that one after another promised a utopian world that they each, one by one failed to deliver.  Our ‘thinking minds’ get attached to ego based identities and material forms which in turn drive our fears and anxieties. Eckhart Tolle describes ALL of these utopian seeking ideologies (past and present) as ‘the INSANITY of the mind’!    
When we are fully present in ‘the now’, where we have ALL of our power, we have no fear, anger, sadness or other such anxieties. We do NOT ‘need to control the world’ or ‘feel inadequate’ when we are fully present.  

The Delusion of Egoic Control
To give you a recent example of the collective pain body’s ego, a few months ago, an immunologist I know who practices the teachings of Tolle, told me he had burst out laughing in disbelief whilst watching the news on television, when one of the government’s leading coronavirus statements was advertised as ‘Control the virus!’. He said to me “You may as well say ‘Let’s control the rotation of our sun or our galaxy!’.” He said “This is a crazy collective gigantic ego statement! They may be able to divert or supress the virus temporarily in some way, but it is delusional to think that we can control viruses, we have co-habited with trillions of viruses since the dawn of time! There are millions of viruses and bacteria in our bodies, we live with them we do not control them!” 

This scientist’s views reflect Tolle’s when he describes ‘health’ as ‘a state of being’, rather than something you ‘have’, the clue is in the expression ‘WELL-Being’.

Greater levels of Fear & Anxiety
I work with entrepreneurs across many sectors and there is no doubt that since ‘the pandemic’ they have been dealing with new situations that can be very polarising. Some people are over-stressed or angry with the government about lockdowns, some people are scared of the virus, others are more scared of the jab. Some people are worried about the impact on mental health. Others believe our economies are now being built with unsustainable ‘monopoly money’ and that a big crash is around the corner.

Whenever there is a situation that is causing you any such anxiety or over-stress, you ARE NOT in the present moment.  These emotions are projections into the future (anxiety of what might happen) or projections into the past such as sadness, guilt and shame. 

TAKE A MOMENT – This moment!
Take a moment to focus on your breathing and nothing else, keep this up until ‘that voice inside your head’ switches off!  No matter how briefly, that thinking mind of yours did switch off you are entering ‘the present moment’ where there is NO FEAR, no sadness, no anger and indeed no other emotional charges.  It is a place of stillness, fulfilment and a more expanded level of awareness. 

Of course, on a practical level, we do need to plan and visualise what we are doing in the future and we should also learn from things in the past. However, it is our egoic attachment to the future and the past both individually and collectively that causes all varieties of FEAR, ANGER and SADNESS!

The New Earth
The key question is, are we creating a more or less fearful world both individually and collectively?  A more fearful world comes from the dominance of ego, a less fearful world comes from the ego surrendering. 

The New World that Tolle speaks of is a world where we are not attached to form as we are more focused on being than on doing, having and wanting.

Our currently level of consciousness lies within the 3 dimensions of time, space and matter (form). We are all capable of accessing another dimension of conscious awareness, when we become ‘fully present in this moment right now’. 

Tolle’s Profound Philosophies
Tolle presents a profound, rich tapestry of non-egoic philosophies that underpin the emergence of ‘A New Earth’.
Some examples include: 

  • Tolle explains the difference between ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’.  Like political movements, religions have their own hierarchical controlling structures that are driven by the human ‘egoic mind’, yet hidden within these religious structures there can be found great spiritual wisdom, however this wisdom has often been lost in translation or egoic misinterpretation.
  • Tolle makes many references to individual consciousness and collective consciousness and provides some insightful distinctions about each.
  • Be, Do Have: You will be familiar with the ancient proverb “Be, Do, Have”, which is about fulfilment coming from a primary focus on being, rather than focus and inevitably attachment on what we do and have.  Tolle talks about the ‘wanting’ that comes with ‘have’ as the source of all suffering.

The journey Tolle takes you on in this book, is set out as follows:

  • The Flowering of Human Consciousness
  • Ego: The Current State of Humanity
  • The Core of Ego
  • Role-playing: The Many Faces of Ego
  • The Pain Body
  • Breaking Free
  • Finding Who You Truly Are
  • The Discovery of Inner Space
  • Your Inner Purpose
  • A New Earth

Many of my clients who usually prefer to read printed books, also got the audiobook version and have expressed that the audiobook was better, often because Tolle reads the books himself and seems to convey certain things with his voice that are obviously not captured in the same way that they are in the printed book.  Like myself many of my clients have re-read or re-listened to some or all of the book at various times, particularly when feeling overly anxious about something, or when feeling an urge to nurture their inner spirit.

You absolutely do not need to listen to or read this whole book at once. Because of the nature of its content, it is the perfect book to dip in and out of when you feel so inspired and just learning a chunk at a time and applying what you learn as you go along.  

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