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“Change your philosophy, change your life!” I think everyone should read at least one book by Alan Watts before they die! Here is just one example of what be hundreds of examples of how Watts can stop and make you think: “….. do you listen of mind and body? And to think of the former  [ Read More ]

by Dronvalo Melchizedek Many people go their whole lives thinking that the flower of life symbol is little more than a pretty pattern that you might find on some New Age hippy pendants. This book sets out to explain both the history of the ancient symbol The Flower of Life and how it contains the  [ Read More ]

by Robin Kermode This is an absolutely fantastic book that wholeheartedly delivers on it’s title ‘SPEAK, so your audience will listen.’ I very much agree with the author that every human being should know how to speak authentically and effectively. The fundamentals set out in this book teach you how to effectively speak in front  [ Read More ]

What happens after you die?This book provides amazing life changing insights to the most profound question ‘What happens after you die?”, but it does so from a very sceptical, grounded and scientific perspective.   For this reason, ‘After’ is in the top 5 most important books I have ever read!  I never imagined I would say this  [ Read More ]

By Wallace Wattles The primary reason I would recommend that you read this book is not to agree with all the philosophies presented within it.  It is because I believe that this book will challenge you – it is only 63 pages long, but it is a very intense read and will expand your awareness of  [ Read More ]

by Eckhart Tolle Written in 2005, Eckhart Tolle predicted that the structures on which our world is currently built would crumble to make way for ‘A New Earth’. This New Earth is only possible if there is an evolution to a much greater level of collective consciousness. A level of conscious awareness that transcends the  [ Read More ]

By Jim Collins Imagine your business is a flywheel made up of interdependent high-level outcomes … The wheel will only spin as fast and as powerfully as the slowest or weakest performing outcome. The faster and more powerful your wheel spins the greater the momentum it gathers. This is a little gem of a book;  [ Read More ]

By Eckhart Tolle Before I hop into reviewing ‘The Power of Now’. I can announce that my much anticipated interview with David Jenyns the author of SYSTEMology is now available.I have received totally inspiring feedback from numerous subscribers and clients about how much SYSTEMology has changed how they think about and create systems in a  [ Read More ]

By Donald Miller In 11 years, only one author has previously been featured twice in my ‘Thought Leadership Book of The Month’!This author was Dr John Demartini for his 2 international bestselling books ‘The Values Factor’ & ‘How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven’.  Donald Miller now has this  [ Read More ]

By David Jenyns Create time, reduce errors and scale your profits with proven business systems.  I knew that this book was going to qualify for my ‘Book of the Month review’ before I had even finished reading it, because I had already recommended it to 4 of my clients, all of them entrepreneurs who are  [ Read More ]


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