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The convergence of Science & Spirituality Leading the expansion of consciousness and how we think! This book has contributions from 50 different ‘consciousness thought leaders’ including; Deepak Chopra (Foreword) Michael Singer (Afterword) Fritjof Capra (Physicist)Henry Stapp (Quantum Physicist)Zaya and Mauritzio Banazzo (Editors and co-authors) As there are contributions from 50 authors in this book, it affords you  [ Read More ]

by William B Irvine In view of the recent covid crisis, never before have I been so aware of how people can live in an unfulfilling state of fear. This is something that is directly addressed by Stoicism! In 15 years of helping people with business and personal transformation, I am in no doubt that  [ Read More ]

By David Goggins Wow! Not only did this book inspire me, it was also a great mental and emotional work-out, which means that I learned something significant!  David Goggins’ life story demonstrates the expansion of human potential beyond the traditionally assumed limitations. His mind mastery took him from a ‘clinically obese couch potato’ to a  [ Read More ]

By Vinesh Lakhiani Please note that you can now view my latest author interview video with Dr John Demartini on his International Bestseller ‘The Values Factor’ (which was my ‘book of the month’ back in September 2017 and out of the thousands of books I have read is still my second ever favourite book) ….  [ Read More ]

by 50 Cent and Robert Greene Before I crack on with reviewing another wonderful book, please let me know of any Thought Leadership books that you would highly recommend (please email me at info@alistairlobo.com)!  My thanks to my client and friend Andy Hibbert (CEO of Karshare) for recommending this month’s ‘Book of The Month’ –  [ Read More ]

Before I crack on with my review of this month’s absolute stand out thought leadership book, I am pleased to say that I have just completed my second video interview with yet another bestselling author Nicholas Charles who also wrote a book I have previously reviewed ‘The 4 Fundamentals of Family Prosperity’. In the video  [ Read More ]

By Michael A Singer A life dedicated to meditation and quietening the voice inside his head saw a young ‘pot smoking hippy’ journey to becoming ‘the CEO of a billion-dollar NADAQ listed company’. But these labels of ‘hippy’, ‘multimillionaire’ and ‘CEO’ are simply secondary events in Michael Singer’s life journey. The journey itself is what  [ Read More ]

See the author Peter Sage interviewed by me on the video below and on my new YouTube Channel “The Leading Edge of Thought” ….. “Of the hundreds of Thought Leadership books I have read over the years this book is in my top 3 of all time!” I share these sincere words with the author  [ Read More ]

By Clayton Christensen Finding fulfillment using lessons from some of the world’s greatest businesses. First of all, I cannot send out this monthly book review without acknowledging the extraordinary times we are in, so tomorrow I will send you a video that I created recently for some of my clients. It is a short video  [ Read More ]

By Mark Manson Other than the obvious profanities in this book, the author does something, which is part of my everyday work, he challenges many commonly held philosophies that shape every aspect of human existence! He challenges many conscious and unconscious beliefs and assumptions that disempower people’s lives. Illustrating this point he eloquently states ….  [ Read More ]


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