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‘The Four Fundamentals of Family Prosperity’ by Nicholas Charles “90 % of wealthy families lose their wealth within 3 generations and 70% lose their wealth within 2 generations” Explaining these damning statistics and how to overcome them is what this book delivers. Beyond the shocking statistics that 90 % of families will lose their wealth  [ Read More ]

Can you recall times in your life when everything just flowed, you may have been dealing with a significant challenge in a seemingly effortless way. You were fully present and focused on what you were doing, you were purposeful and inspired whilst not being highly emotionally charged. The state of ‘flow’ is described in different  [ Read More ]

Recently, yet another wonderfully successful and fulfilled business leader told me that ‘The Alchemist’ was one of her favourite books and that when she first read it about 10 years ago it gave her insights as to why and how she had come to do what she loves and get handsomely rewarded for it.  These  [ Read More ]

‘Predictably Irrational’ by Dan Ariely After reading chapter 3 of this book on ‘The Cost of Zero Cost’(covered later in this review) I suggested that a client of mine changed the wording of their service offer on their website to highlight an included service to be ‘free’ rather than just to describe it as an  [ Read More ]

‘Traction’ is largely about a system called EOS (The Entrepreneurs Operating System), around which you can effectively build an entire business.  I am going to give this book ‘a little more in-depth critique’ (positive and negative) than I usually do in my book of the month reviews because it explains a fabulous business framework that  [ Read More ]

Book of The Month July 2018 ‘The Power Of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg  If you have not already read this book, you may want to consider doing so soon if you are interested in creating a lasting and progressive change (transformation) in any area of your life. I have previously recommended a book called ‘The  [ Read More ]

First of all, a big thank you to all those who responded to my last Book of the Month email and web post, including interestingly enough Steve Shoulder the author of last month’s book of the month ’90 Days to Profit’, who I did not previously know and who took the time to write me  [ Read More ]

’90 Days To Profit’ by Erlend Bakke and Steve Shoulder Wow, when I started reading this book I found it hard to put down! What an interesting and entertainingly written book about my specialist area ‘Business Transformation’. It’s more about transforming the mechanical systems of a  business (in 90 days) rather than transforming leadership and  [ Read More ]

If you are interested in new approaches to business leadership that are transforming the world, then you would struggle to find a better book than this one. My work in business vision and values led me to spend time in Zappos head office in Las Vegas in August 2016 where I found myself dragging my jaw along  [ Read More ]

Firstly, can I say thank you to all of you on my book of the month mailing list who have responded to my recent recommendations with your own book recommendations, please keep them coming in, saying why you recommend each book! Whilst I read 2, 3 or more books every month mostly about business leadership  [ Read More ]


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