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Visionary Business Leadership

“Our extensive research of 100 years of data indicates that  Visionary Businesses consistently outperform the stock market average growth rate by 16 fold!”
Jerry Porras author of ‘Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies’

Over the 10 plus years I have been in my current role, I have asked hundreds of leaders the degree of importance of ‘their values’, ‘their purpose’ and ‘their vision’ of their business.  Invariably, they concur that these are the absolute most important components on which their business is built.  However, when I ask them to explain their business values, purpose and vision or even just to give their own definition of the terms ‘values’, ‘purpose’ and ‘vision’ I  have rarely found responses that are coherent and inspiring.

Not surprisingly, when you find the next level of clarity in terms of your authentic ‘highest business values’, ‘your business purpose’ and the ‘business visions’ that inspire your stakeholders it is a complete ‘game changer’.

Alistair’s clients include CEOs, MDs, Presidents and senior leadership teams of FTSE & NYSE 500 companies; as well as the founders of several rapidly growing SME’s; approximately 70% of his clients are based in the USA and 30% in the UK and Europe.



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